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Use satellite data to catch more fish

Predefined filters for 40+ fish species

Use one of our 40+ predefined filters or create your own: Easily identify temperature breaks and rips using our filter tool. Then, select a trend range for SST and Chlorophyll over the last 3 days to narrow it down even more. To top that all off, you can also view model forecasts for SST.

These tools will help you find the best fishing grounds on any given day and save you a lot of time and gas.

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The highest-resolution data

Updated 4-12 times daily, FishFinder features the most precise available satellite imagery at 1-4mi resolution globally.

Apart from real-time data, FishFinder also offers trend data over the last 3 days as well as forecasts for SST & currents.

Scroll down to see what satellite data a subscription to the FishFinder service entails.

FishFinder uses the highest-resolution satellite imagery available



0.6mi Sea Surface Temperature data from NASA’s Terra and Aqua satellites, as well as forecasts.


5mi ocean currents data from ECMWF as well as a 72 hour forecast, produced using the NEMO model.


2mi resolution WW3 wave forecasts, the highest-resolution data produced by NOAA.


0.6mi resolution bathymetry data from the most precise available GEBCO dataset.


5mi resolution dataset, provided by NASA JPL via the Jason-2 satellite.



2.5mi Cholorphyll data combining data from NASA’s MODIS (Terra & Aqua satellites) and VIIRS (Suomi-NPP satellite).+


5mi resolution data, gathered by NASA’s Aquarius satellite using microwave emissivity.



Live radar & down-to-the-minute rain predictions.


Wind forecasts with 2mi precision.


Be prepared when the seas get rough!


Know when temperature drops.

*All weather data is 2mi resolution data using NOAA’s HRRR model for the next 16 hours, updated hourly. Beyond the 16th hour, we give you NAM model forecasts with a 3mi resolution.

These two models are the most precise weather models currently produced by NOAA for the continental US.

Narrow down fishing grounds using hi-res satellite data and a powerful filter tool.

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